We're not kidding when we say this coffee flavor came to us in a dream. Actaully, we were on a chicken bus driving to Antigua, so it's suprising we even slept! There are a lot of chubby puppies and pretty kitties in your local adoption shelters, so brew a batch of this coconut and caramel flavored coffee and adopt a chuchito or gato from your local shelter!


Your purchase supports coffee producers in Huehuetenango, Guatemala and their families. In addition, we also donate to the School of Hope, which serves students in Huehuetenango by offering a quality bilingual education.

Chubby Puppy: Caramel Coconut

  • In order to keep your coffee as fresh as possible, make sure you keep your beans away from coffee's four main enemies: air, moisture, heat, and light. Preferably, keep your coffee in an air-tight container, but out of light. We know our beans are pretty, but keeping the beans in an opaque container will prolong their shelf life. Do not put your beans in a cabinet above the stove, or in an area that receives strong sunlight. Lastly, do not put your beans in the freezer. We follow the rule of wherever we would be comfortable, there our beans will be comfortable too. Follow these tips and your coffee will taste great for an extended amount of time!