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while we may answer a few questions on this page, we know you'll think of one along the way that we don't answer here. feel free to send us an email our way, or give us a good ole phone call.   


johnny demaagd

ceo + operator

when will my coffee arrive?

all our coffee is hand roasted using a small batch european method. this means we roast everything as soon as you order it, instead of having a roasted coffee inventory on hand. we usually roast on thursday mornings and sunday nights. once we ship your coffee out on monday or friday, you should receive it in a few days.

where do you roast at?

while we started roasting out of our parent's garage, we're happy to say that we're working on our own commercial roasting space. this means that we're going to be roasting a lot more coffee than what we've been doing. our humble roots start in woodland, michigan and our new space will soon open up just down the street from the 'rents.

can i come visit your roasting space?

sure! we love visitors, but we're not always there. working full time and getting our degrees takes a lot of time. once we get up and going we'll definitely set aside some office hours for you to come and visit. we don't have a storefront; our space is used for roasting the coffee, not selling it. however, the espresso machine is always on. if you call us at 517 588-1312, we'll let you know if we're there and we'd love to make you an americano with some freshly roasted coffee.

if you're a potential wholesale customer, call us and set up a time to come check out our roasting process. we'd love to work with your schedule to come see how we do things.