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we're good at coffee ... baseball not so much
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Truly Great Coffee

bonjour! (that’s fancy for hello)


my name’s johnny and i like coffee. i'm pretty sure you do too, since you’re here. 


when i was younger i played baseball and i’ll be honest: i was bad. while i played outfield, i wanted to make the switch from right field to left.  sitting on the bench, i knew that left field was where i could grow and be better. like you, i strive to be better. kinder. more generous.


Left Field is our place to get things right. to be better than we were before, moving from right to Left Field. see you out there.


peace + coffee,


Johnny DeMaagd

ceo + founder

post script (that means p.s.): 


what’s your Left Field story? (i told you mine.)



Exclusively Sourcing 
Fair-Trade Organic


many coffee producers are working to support a family, farm, and small business. their hard work deserves an equitable wage, which is why we pay above market value for our coffee. we're beyond proud that all of our coffee is certified fair-trade. while we continue to grow and move towards direct trade with producers, sourcing fair-trade coffee is rewarding for both producers and coffee drinkers alike.


since our producers do not use any harmful synthetic chemical pesticides or fertilizers, the coffee plant is able to absorb more nutrients from the soil and rainwater, which allows each coffee cherry to reach maximum flavor. growing organic also means that chemicals are not seeping into the rainwater, which is better for the environment and people living near the coffee plants. while growing organic coffee is more difficult, it results in healthier plants, coffee cherries, and communities.

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

more generous.

in addition to only sourcing fair-trade and organic coffee, we love to give back to the communities that grow our coffee as well. we sponsor schools, teachers, and entrepreneurs from the countries where we source our beans.

we always strive to give back to our local community as well in every possible. from providing lunches to school-kids, facilitating face mask collection drives, to providing a safe space in the community for LGBTQIA+ individuals.


we're able to do what we do because of awesome coffee drinkers like you. thank you for being a part of the large tapestry of life that is Left Field Coffee. 


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