bonjour! (that’s fancy for hello)


my name’s johnny and i like coffee. i'm pretty sure you do too, since you’re here. 


when i was younger i played baseball and i’ll be honest: i was bad. while i played outfield, i wanted to make the switch from right field to left.  sitting on the bench, i knew that left field was where i could grow and be better. like you, i strive to be better. smarter. more generous.


Left Field is our place to get things right. to be better than we were before, moving from right to Left Field. see you out there.


peace + coffee,


Johnny DeMaagd

ceo + founder

post script (that means p.s.): 


what’s your Left Field story? (i told you mine.)



At many coffee shops you'll have only one roast that comes as Fair-Trade and Organic. While we appreciate the offer, we prefer to know that all of our coffee selections are organic and fair-trade. We're changing the game.  Best of all? In addition, our coffees from Sumatra and Costa Rica are certified Women Producers, so you're helping single-parent families in a country where they are not appreciated.. We take pride in our great tasting (and great for the world) coffee, and we love sharing it with you.


Fair Trade coffee is a movement in which the growers are given a fair wage for harvesting the coffee. This is especially important to us, as our coffee is organic and harder to produce. Due to this, we only offer coffee that's available when it's in season. We don't have warehouses to store our coffee; they're all from their past crop. Our main brew of coffee is from Guatemala, where the majority of farmers live in poverty. We hate exploiting the system, and that's why we pay for coffee in which the farmers get paid a real wage for. They're human. They deserve it. And so do you.

Whenever you a purchase one of our roasts from us, you're helping a school or entrepreneur in the country from which your coffee came from. Each month we sponsor programs, schools, and teachers around the world and help the communities where our coffee is grown.










Every time you purchase Left Field Coffee, you're helping a community. Our Guatemalan blend sponsors The School of Hope. This bilingual school prepares elementary and middle school children in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.


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